Kit Allwinter

Kit is the Intelligent Mobility Officer at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), leading the organisation’s thoughts on innovation and the future of mobility. He is passionate in making sure that cities and their citizens can gain benefits from the forthcoming changes in mobility: better health, better communities and better places as well as better mobility.

Greater Manchester is evolving. With a growing population and economy, it is also on a path towards significant devolution of powers and funding from central Government. And it’s against this backdrop has developed its 2040 Transport Strategy.

TfGM’s vision is for 'world class connections that support long-term, sustainable economic growth and access to opportunity for all’.

Its 2040 Transport Strategy isn’t so much about individual modes of transport. Instead it focuses on creating an integrated, sustainable, and well co-ordinated transport system that supports a wide range of different travel needs.

Kit Allwinter is speaking at the Smart Transport Conference on 17th March. Download the agenda for more information.