Bridget Rosewell

Commissioner, National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) will be presenting Planning for smart and decarbonised transport: The NIC’s priorities.

Bridget will explain how the decentralisation of funds to allow local authorities to make long term plans, is key to planning for decarbonised transport. Devolution to cities is an opportunity to do this – letting city leaders choose their own strategies rather than making them bid in to central government for small projects would free up central government time for riskier large projects, as well as letting local authorities use their time to develop robust local strategies.

Decarbonisation should also be achieved through a rapid transition to electric vehicles. The Commission believes that it is possible that all new vehicle sales are electric by 2030. However, range anxiety remains a key barrier to this is. To tackle this, the Commission believes Government should subsidise, by 2022, the provision of rapid charge points in rural and remote areas, where the market will not deliver in the short term. This will give the public the confidence that electric vehicles can take them where they need to go.

Bridget Rowswel is speaking at the Smart Transport Conference on 17th March. Download the agenda for more information.