Dr Lucy Mahoney

Manager Walking and Cycling Network
Dr Lucy Mahoney manages the Walking and Cycling Network at C40. In her role Lucy supports cities to increase the share of trips taken by healthy, safe and carbon-free mobility options, and advises on how to ensure that walking and cycling policies and programmes are adapted for climate breakdown and are resilient during extreme weather events. Lucy's expertise helps cities envision a future where walking and cycling are accessible mobility options for all citizens, where city spaces are transformed through people-friendly planning policy, and where city-wide rates of active travel are increased. Enhancing walking and cycling initiatives and policies has the potential to boost mental and physical health, safety and social equity, and improve the city's air and noise quality while generating no emissions. Lucy has previously led the Mobility Management Network at C40. Lucy's professional background is in strategy and policy and prior to joining C40, Lucy worked for Transport for London (TfL) across numerous mobility fields including public transport strategy, road danger reduction, roads strategy and freight, and air quality and the environment. Before TfL, Lucy read Geography and the Environment for her D.Phil. at the University of Oxford. She was based in the Oxford University Centre for the Environment jointly within the Transport Studies Unit (TSU) and the Environmental Change Institute (ECI). Her academic research empirically and theoretically focused on the interrelations between society and the environment. Her research interests include: the geographies of wellbeing, behavioural science, active and sustainable mobilities and the interconnections between cities, society and place.